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This boutique salon just for ladies, mums and bubs, is a hijab-friendly haven for relaxing, unwinding and pampering. It’s quiet and personal. Not rushed, nor crowded.

I welcome you to come and feel beautiful, as I work carefully with great products, that I’d not hesitate to use myself.

Aside from the list of services here, you can see¬†some of my work in the Gallery, or browse¬†the Shop to see what kind of products I use and if you’d like to purchase any for yourself. I’m looking forward to taking your booking.

See you soon,

PS: I also run a mobile clothing party service, so if you want to have fun with your girlfriends and try some great new clothes, in the comfort of your own home, do contact me or make a booking below.

Special Deals Style Cut Styled Curls Blowdry Chemical Straightening & Keratin Smoothing Treatments Colour Service
Service Price
Full colour, cut & blowdry from $80
Full head of foils, toner & blowdry from $130
Half head foils, cut & blowdry from $95
Balayage & blowdry from $120
Keratin Smoothing Treatment 10 % first visit from $100
Service Price
Style cut $30
Style Cut & blowdry short $40
Style Cut & blowdry medium $45
Style Cut & blowdry long $50
Service Price
Short $20
Medium $30
Long $40
Upstyle from $60
Upstyle Trial from $60
Service Price
Blowdry Short $25
Blowdry Medium $30
Blowdry Long $35
Service Price
Chemical Straightening from $200
Keratin Smoothing Treatment Short from $100
Keratin Smoothing Treatment Medium from $150
Keratin Smoothing Treatment Long from $200
Service Price
Nak Ultimate 60 Second Treatment $5
Aromas Hydra Therapy Treatment $20
Protein Treatment $15
Brasil Cacau Treatment $15
Nak Structure Complex Treatment Short Hair $19.95
Nak Structure Complex Medium Hair $29.95
Nak Structure Complex Long Hair $35.95
Service Price
Nak Structure Complex Service add to colour $9.95
Nak Structure Complex add to Lightening $25.95
Colour Correction POA Consultation Needed
Balayage from $100
Full Head Bleach from $140.00
Bleach Regrowth from $60
Fashion Colours Manic Panic POA consultation needed
Foils Full Head from $90
Foils Half a Head from $70
Foils T-section from $50
Foils Micro weave Full Head from $180
Foils Micro weave Half a Head from $140
Toner from $25
Semi Permanent Short from $50
Semi Permanent Medium from $60
Semi Permanent Long from $70
Full Tint from $70
Tint Regrowth Short from $40
Tint Regrowth Medium from $50
Tint Regrowth Long from $60

Bookings and Enquiries

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Service is by appointment only.

Whether it’s just a question, or if you’re ready to make a booking, just shoot a message through the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Location: Casula, Sydney

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